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FILETTO MIGNON ALLA PIEMONTESE: 10 oz. prime filet grilled and topped with panchetta and marsala sauce. Served with vegetable of the day     $32

BRICK OVEN FILETTO: 10 oz. prime filet grilled then basted with a mound of fresh garlic and Italian herbs. Served with Aglio e olio                           $32

BOURBON STREET FILETTO: 10 oz. prime filet grilled then topped with green onions and mushrooms sauteed in a premium bourbon sauce. Served with penne quattro formaggi                                                                  $34

CHEF'S CHOICE FISH OF THE DAY...                                                   $27

RED FISH PICCATA: Broiled filet of redfish with four Gulf shrimp topped with crawfish and capers in a white wine, lemon, butter sauce. Served with angel hair marinara                            $23                                                                       $23